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16 One-Pot Dinners That Are Actually Healthy

Because easy and good-for-you don't have to be mutually exclusive.

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6. Italian Cod Soup

If cod isn't available in your market, feel free to use tilapia or any other white fish for this classic Italian stew. Get the recipe here.


8. Greek Chicken and Rice Pilaf

Marinating your chicken adds a ton of flavor with minimal effort (just throw some spices, oil, and vinegar in a Ziploc bag filled with chicken and pop it in the fridge). Get the recipe here.

9. Creamy Spinach Lentils

Gram for gram, lentils can have as much protein as meat, without the fat and cholesterol. This stew highlights the power pulses in a flavorful broth made with bacon. Get the recipe here.

10. Spicy Eggs and Potatoes

This one-pot beauty is loaded with shredded kale and topped with crumbled goat cheese. Get the recipe here.


11. Chili Lime Sweet Potato and Chicken Skillet

Chicken, sweet potato, black bean, and bell pepper come together in a flavorful skillet amped-up with chili powder and fresh lime. Get the recipe here.

13. Chicken and Quinoa in Mustard Sauce

Sautéed mushrooms and chicken get a boost of (even more) protein from quinoa and fresh spinach in this savory skillet. Get the recipe here.

15. Cuban Picadillo Bowls

This vegetarian version of the classic swaps ground beef for chickpeas for a lighter take on the classic. Get the recipe here.