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17 Brilliant Cooking Hacks Using Dental Floss

Finally, a use for all that dental floss.

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2. Truss a whole chicken without twine.

Pro tip: if you're using mint-flavored floss, give it a quick soak in warm water for five minutes to remove any unwanted flavor.

See the full video here.


4. Effortlessly slice soft cakes into even layers.

Slice soft cakes easily and evenly with the smooth, gentle glide of dental floss. This technique also works for angel food cake and cornbread.

See the full video here.

5. Cut gnocchi directly into the pot.

Eliminate a whole step of the gnocchi making process by piping the dough straight into the pot. Although this technique is usually done with twine (as seen above), floss works wonders at cutting the delicate dough.

See the full video here.

6. Tie and dry leftover herbs for later use.

Don't let leftover herbs go to waste! Tie them into neat bundles using dental floss and hang them to dry. When the leaves feel completely dry to the touch (about ten days), they are ready to use.

See the full video here.

7. Slice cinnamon roll dough into perfect spirals.

Cutting dough with dental floss results in perfectly round and uniform cinnamon rolls. Using a knife can smash the rolls into uneven shapes and make a mess of the buttery filling.

See the full video here.


9. Hang leftover peppers to dry for later use.

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Thread peppers using a needle and dental floss and hang in a well-ventilated area. In three to four weeks the peppers will feel dry, shrink in size, and darken in color. Use them whole to infuse flavor into soups and braises or grind them for homemade pepper flakes.

11. Bundle herbs into neat packets for flavoring soups and braises.

Tying herbs into tight bundles allows you to infuse flavor without having to chop them. Great for stocks, braises and soups.


12. Slice goat cheese into perfect rounds without crumbling it.

No need to buy a cheese wire when you have floss lying around (gotta put it to use somehow). Perfect for recipes that require perfect slices, such as this Fried Goat Cheese Beet Salad.

Check out the full technique here.

14. Tie roasts together without butcher twine.

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Dental floss can be used in place of butcher twine in almost any recipe. Avoid using in grilled recipes though, as floss can burn at high temperatures.