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12 Unexpected Ways To Up Your Avocado Game

New ways to satisfy your insatiable avocado craving.

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3. Turn them into a surprising summertime cocktail.

If your margarita is made with healthy fats, it cancels out the tequila, right? Get the recipe here.

4. Turn them into crispy fries.

Avocado fries may sound weird, but with their crispy crust and creamy inside, pan-fried avocado slices are totally delicious. Get the recipe here.

5. Marinate them for extra flavor.

Marinate avocados for just 15 minutes in olive oil, lime, and salt to give them a boost of bright flavor. Get the recipe here.


9. Turn them into a salad dressing.

Avocado emulsifies dressings and gives them a creamy texture without having to use mayonnaise or yogurt. Get the recipe here.

12. Turn them into a flavorful compound butter.

Spread this butter over grilled corn, toasts, or toss it with summer vegetables to add instant flavor to any recipe. Get the recipe here.