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12 Unexpected Things You Should Be Doing To Your Eggs

This is eggciting stuff, people!

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1. Make fluffy seltzer eggs.

The same bubbles that give your favorite cocktail an effervescent pep give scrambled eggs a light-as-air texture. Try adding one tablespoon of seltzer for every two eggs next time you scramble them up. Get the recipe here.

3. Poach your scrambled eggs.

Forget everything you know about scrambling eggs and start cooking them in boiling water. Thats right, people: BOILING. WATER. Get the recipe here.


4. Poach them in red wine.

Poaching eggs in red wine adds not only a ton of flavor, but a beautiful burgundy color (plus a solid excuse to get your wine on in the morning). Get the recipe here.

5. Make eggs devaux (AKA ridiculously fluffy egg clouds).

Eggs devaux is an old-school technique that produces an insanely fluffy white with a perfectly runny yolk. Simply whip your whites and bury your yolk inside the cloud to create this unexpected treat. See the full video here.


8. Pickle them.

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Next time you make deviled eggs, try using homemade pickled eggs for an unexpected twist on the classic. With only five ingredients and a quick pickling in brine, your eggs can transform into these blushing beauties. Get the recipe here.

10. Brûlée them.

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Torching soft boiled eggs gives them a wonderful caramelized flavor and an unexpected texture.

11. Cure leftover yolks in salt and sugar.

Bury your leftover yolks in salt and sugar to create savory, parmesan-like gems perfect for grating on top of pastas and salads that add a luscious butter note . (and no, you won't get salmonella). Get the recipe here.