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10 Cake Transformations That'll Leave You Hot And Bothered

Bring on the buttercream.

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1. This Geometric Giant

Modern art or birthday cake?

2. This Sugary Sunrise Of Frosting

A sunrise I'm OK waking up early for.

3. This Cherry Bomb Of A Cake

Ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!

4. This Crazy Candy Cake

Never enough candy.


5. This Ruffled Beauty

So pretty in pink.

6. This Modern Purple Stunner

Drip, drop, drip dripitty drop.

7. This Next Level Birthday Cake

The birthday cake of my dreams.

8. This Blossoming Buttercream

A rose I would be excited to accept.


9. This Gorgeous Garden Cake

A cake dressed to impress.

10. This Perfectly Patterned Cake

Push and drag and push and drag.

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