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This Fake News About Bruce Willis Supporting Trump Just Won't Go Away

It's all in the wig.

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In 2015, noted actor Bruce Willis went on Jimmy Fallon and did a bit about Trump's hair.

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The appearance was even noticed by then-candidate Trump, who pointed out Willis was wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

Bruce Willis wearing my hat on @FallonTonight last Friday-


And now, two years after the original appearance, the false claim is going viral again. The Conservative Online published a story with fake quotes from Willis and scored 42,000 likes, shares, and comments on Facebook, according to the social tracking website BuzzSumo.

As Media Matters first reported, some sites spreading the hoax use Google AdSense as their ad network. This means the internet giant is helping these site monetize the fake story, and is earning money from it as well.

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Google has previously said its ad network will not work with publishers of misinformation.


The hoax was quickly debunked by Snopes and others, but it's still spreading on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit.

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