QUIZ: Which Players Provide The Most Bang For Their Team’s Buck?

See if you can pick out the most cost-effective option from each group of three players.

1. Can you guess which player costs his team the least amount of money per play?

(We looked at salary and stats from the 2012 season for the NFL, the 2012-13 season for the NBA, and 2013 for MLB — prorated as of 8/12.)

  1. 1. Hits
    1. Chris Davis Baltimore Orioles
    2. Paul Goldschmidt Arizona Diamondbacks
    3. Pedro Alvarez Pittsburgh Pirates
  2. 2. Home Runs
    1. Michael Young Philadelphia Phillies
    2. Vernon Wells New York Yankees
    3. Joe Mauer Minnesota Twins
  3. 3. Strikeouts
    1. Matt Harvey New York Mets
    2. Justin Masterson Cleveland Indians
    3. Yu Darvish Texas Rangers
  4. 4. 3-Pointers
    1. Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors
    2. Damian Lillard Portland Trailblazers
    3. Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors
  5. 5. Points
    1. Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Thunder
    2. Chandler Parsons Houston Rockets
    3. Nikola Vucevic Orlando Magic
  6. 6. Assists
    1. Greivis Vasquez New Orleans Hornets
    2. Mike Conley Memphis Grizzlies
    3. Jrue Holiday Philadelphia 76ers
  7. 7. Interceptions
    1. Tim Jennings Chicago Bears
    2. Richard Sherman Seattle Seahawks
    3. Stevie Brown New York Giants
  8. 8. Tackles
    1. Dwight Freeney Indianapolis Colts
    2. Charles Woodson Green Bay Packers
    3. Mario Williams Buffalo Bills
  9. 9. Yards
    1. Stevan Ridley New England Patriots
    2. Adrian Peterson Minnesota Vikings
    3. Alfred Morris Washington Redskins
  10. 10. Points
    1. Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers
    2. Matt Bryant Atlanta Falcons
    3. Arian Foster Houston Texans

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