Ted Cruz Sends Out Text Message Blast Asking For Help Stopping “Obama’s Amnesty”

“Join him by signing the petition to stop Obama’s amnesty today!”

Ted Cruz’s campaign sent out a text message Thursday morning asking recipients to “join the fight” to “stop Obama’s amnesty today!”

It’s the first text message sent since BuzzFeed initially signed up for updates from Cruz’s campaign exactly 365 days ago.

The text includes a link to a website run by the Ted Cruz Victory Committee. The Victory Committee describes itself as a “joint fundraising committee” made up of other pro-Cruz groups Ted Cruz For Senate and the Jobs Growth and Freedom Fund.

A call to Cruz’s campaign office was not immediately returned.

Here are the two texts from Cruz. One sent Aug. 14, 2013 and the other on Aug. 14, 2014.

The website linked to in the text message has a form for visitors to submit some basic contact info and a copy of a recent op-ed by Cruz that focuses on immigration.

Cruz has also sent out several of tweets about the issue.

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