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16 Of The Best Veggie Burgers In NYC

If you don't want no beef.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us where to get the very best vegetarian burgers in NYC. Here's what they said:


1. Superiority Burger (East Village)

@eatingintranslation / Via


The superiority burger at Superiority Burger. It has won best burger in NYC twice. Not best vegan burger... Best BURGER. Period.

— D Jill Rosie, Facebook

3. The Cinnamon Snail (Midtown)

@cinnamonsnail / Via

PRICE: $10.95 - $13

Lookout for the rotating burger specials at this entirely vegan food truck. Pictured is a buffalo chickpea burger with spicy habanero sauce, cajun fried parsnips, arugula, and lemon dill tartar sauce on a grilled pretzel bun.

Hannah Mars

4. Shake Shack (multiple locations)

@mabrycgriffin / Via

PRICE: $6.99

The best veggie burger by far is Shake Shack’s Shroom Burger! It’s a breaded and fried portobello mushroom patty with melted cheese inside. Get it with a shake and You. Are. Livin’.



7. Westville (multiple locations)

bickheart_healthy / Via

PRICE: $13 for a burger served with fries or mixed greens

The artichoke quinoa burger from Westville has sriracha mayo and is literally to die for.

— Sammie Barkan, Facebook


13. Loving Hut (Bushwick)


Y'all keep sleeping on the Loving Hut facon cheeseburger. It's amazing, and the yam and yucca fries that come with it are a godsend.

— Rebekah Marie Byrd, Facebook

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