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23 Refreshing (And Totally Non-Alcoholic) Drink Recipes For Warmer Weather

Hydrate, but make it delicious.

When the sun is shining and the weather is heating up, you're probably craving something refreshing. That's where these satisfying fruit-based drink recipes come into the picture. They're all totally non-alcoholic — so there's something for everyone. Cheers!

1. Strawberry Limeade Punch

Strawberry Limeade Punch
Diary of a Recipe Collector / Via

This sweet and tangy spring sip calls for just five ingredients: frozen limeade, Sprite, strawberries, kiwi, and lime.

Recipe: Strawberry Limeade Punch

2. Cucumber Ginger Mint Agua Fresca

A Spicy Perspective / Via

If you've never tried agua fresca, this Mexican beverage deserves a place in your drink rotation. You can use any fruit, but this combination of cucumber, ginger, and mint is perfect for those who prefer their drinks to be more herbal, less sweet.

Recipe: Cucumber Ginger Mint Agua Fresca

3. Virgin Piña Coladas

House of Nash Eats / Via

If you'd rather just skip spring and fast-forward to summer, whip up one of these frozen coconut and pineapple concoctions.

Recipe: Virgin Piña Coladas

4. Fruit-Infused Water With Raspberry and Lime

Fruit-infused water

Slightly sweet, slightly tart, and super hydrating.

Recipe: Fruit-Infused Water With Raspberry and Lime

5. Passion Fruit Juice

Two glasses of fresh passion fruit juice.
Masala Herb / Via

Tired of orange juice and lemonade? Add passion fruit juice (aka maracuja juice) into the mix. All you need is passion fruit (available at most South American grocers and speciality markets), sugar, and water.

Recipe: Passion Fruit Juice

6. Brazilian Lemonade

A pitcher and a glass of Brazilian lemonade.
Dessert Now Dinner Later / Via

While it might be called Brazilian lemonade, this tart yet creamy and refreshing drink is made with fresh limes and sweetened condensed milk.

Recipe: Brazilian Lemonade

7. Cherry Coconut Floats

Champagne glasses filled with coconut cherry floats
Heart of a Baker / Via

Make these fruit and soda floats made with coconut milk, black cherry soda, and fresh or frozen cherries with brunch or as a pre-dinner treat.

Recipe: Cherry Coconut Floats

8. Raspberry Sherbet Punch

Natasha's Kitchen / Via

Hosting a warm-weather get together? This party-sized sherbet punch is guaranteed to impress anyone.

Recipe: Raspberry Sherbet Punch

9. Banana Agua Fresca

Banana agua fresca with fresh bananas.
Mexican Appetizers and More / Via

Somewhere between a smoothie and a juice, this banana agua fresca is rich, decadent, and fragrant. It's made with sweetened condensed milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and ripe bananas.

Recipe: Banana Agua Fresca

10. Strawberry Agua Fresca

A carafe and two glasses of strawberry agua fresca
Umami Girl / Via

When life gives you fresh strawberries, turn them into this.

Recipe: Strawberry Agua Fresca

11. Non-Alcoholic Sangria

A pitcher of non-alcoholic fruit sangria.
I Heart Nap Time / Via

No booze? No problem. This fruit-packed sangria can be made with whatever produce you have on hand, like blueberries, raspberries, pears, or oranges.

Recipe: Non-Alcoholic Sangria

12. Non-Alcoholic Watermelon Mojito

My Dainty Kitchen / Via

Nothing screams summer like juicy watermelon, and once you add fresh mint to the mix, it's game over.

Recipe: Non-Alcoholic Watermelon Mojito

13. Virgin Strawberry Daiquiris

Make Mine a Mocktail / Via

When the sun is shining, cool down with these fruity, frozen drinks. If you don't love strawberry, you can swap in anything from coconut to banana.

Recipe: Virgin Strawberry Daiquiris

14. Blueberry Lemonade

Two glasses of blueberry lemonade.
Julie's Eats and Treats / Via

Imagine: It's late May, you're sitting on the porch with one of these fruity lemonades, and the birds are chirping. Life's pretty good.

Recipe: Blueberry Lemonade

15. Virgin White Peach Sangria

Our Best Bites / Via

A booze-free take on white sangria, this big-batch beverage calls for orange juice, white grape juice, peach nectar, and your favorite fresh or frozen fruit.

Recipe: Virgin White Peach Sangria

16. Watermelon Cucumber Basil Lemonade

Wine a Little Cook a Lot / Via

A little sweet, a little savory, and totally delicious on a warm afternoon, every sip of this watermelon drink tastes like the Caribbean.

Recipe: Watermelon Cucumber Basil Lemonade

17. Kiwi and Mint Infused Water

Kiwi and mint infused water

For when you're tired of plain water, both the kiwi and mint add a bit of sweetness and herbaceousness to it here.

Recipe: Kiwi and Mint Infused Water

18. Raspberry Peach Lemonade

Three raspberry peach lemonades with mint.
The Chunky Chef / Via

If you could assign a flavor to springtime, it would taste a lot like this.

Recipe: Raspberry Peach Lemonade

19. Ginger Peach Punch

Peach ginger punch in mason jars
The Speckled Palate / Via

Sweet peaches, spicy ginger ale, and fragrant mint is all you need for these springy sippers.

Recipe: Ginger Peach Punch

20. Watermelon Slushie Mocktail

Savor the Flavour / Via

You'll want to start with frozen strawberries and watermelon to make these frozen slushies. Blend it all up with sugar and fresh lime juice and enjoy.

Recipe: Watermelon Slushie Mocktail

21. Cucumber Mint Cooler

Lemons for Lulu / Via

This crisp, citrus-packed beverage is more refreshing (and tasty) than water —without being too sweet or overpowering.

Recipe: Cucumber Mint Cooler

22. Strawberry Grapefruit Mint Spring Soda

Two grapefruit strawberry sodas
Orchids and Sweet Tea / Via

Don't be intimidated by the idea of grapefruit simple syrup. You basically just boil grapefruit skin and mint in water for 10 minutes, then mix in honey and sugar to steep all the flavors together.

Recipe: Strawberry Grapefruit Mint Spring Soda

23. Strawberry Slush With Lime

Three strawberry slushies with fresh mint.
Occasionally Eggs / Via

Celebrate the changing of seasons with this frozen blend, a better-for-you alternative to soda that's even more fun to drink.

Recipe: Strawberry Slush With Lime