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Stop Whatever You're Doing Right Now And Drool Over These Korean-Style Nachos

Pick your mouth up off the floor.

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Korean-style pork belly nachos:

The nacho game is no longer plain. Nope, not with this fabulously flavored alternative to the usual.

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Here is what you will need:

* 1 lb of pork belly, sliced

* 2 garlic cloves, minced

* 2 Tbsp. soy sauce

* 2 Tbsp. red pepper powder

* 1 Tbsp. honey

* ⅓ cup + ¼ cup kimchi juice

* Tortilla chips

* Cheddar

* Monterey Jack

* Chopped kimchee

* Red onions

* Tomatoes

* Scallions

* ⅓ cup sour cream


Combine pork belly slices with garlic, soy sauce, red pepper powder, honey, and ⅓ cup kimchi juice. Mix until the pork belly is coated in red. Pan-fry pork belly until fat has rendered and crispy.

Assemble your nachos. In a skillet, lay down a layer of tortilla chips, sprinkle on the cheeses, add chopped kimchi, toss on the cooked pork belly, top with some chopped red onions. Repeat.

Melt the cheeses under the broiler until crispy and bubbly. Mix together the sour cream and remaining ¼ cup kimchi juice and drizzle on top of the nachos.

Life is now complete.


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