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18 Genius Ways To Use Leftovers From A Barbecue

Because wasting BBQ leftovers is a missed steak.

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11. Fill pasta shells with grilled seafood to create a creamy mediterranean masterpiece.


These seafood stuffed shells are a genius way to save your leftover fish from ending up in the trash. Recipe here.

13. Pull the meat off grilled ribs, and use this as a filling for tangy lime tacos the next day.


This recipe combines crumbled queso fresco, fresh cabbage, and a splash of lime juice for a delightfully fresh summer taco. Recipe here.

14. Turn grilled carrots into a genius Moroccan dip by blending with garlic, spices, and olive oil.

15. Reinvent grilled leg of lamb by grinding it up and spreading it on flatbread for a traditional Turkish meal.

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