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21 Meals With Tons Of Protein And No Meat

With at least 18 grams per serving, these meals prove vegetarians can have their protein and eat it too.

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3. Black Bean, Arugula, and Poached Egg Stuffed Sweet Potatoes


Between the black beans, the egg, and mmm... Fontina cheese (7 grams of protein per ounce), this gloriously stuffed sweet potato will leave both your mother and your trainer equally impressed. Recipe available here.


11. Egg in a Basket Grilled Cheese with Asparagus

Perfect for impressing the vegetarian you're waking up next to, the egg (6g), Gruyère (10g), and asparagus (2g), makes this breakfast perfect for fueling up for round two. Wink. Recipe available here.


18. Baked Tofu and Quinoa With Chickpeas and Spinach

This is what you serve your carnivorous friends who tell you you're not getting enough protein. Between the tofu, the quinoa, and the chickpeas, each serving packs in more than 32 grams. Recipe available here.

21. Trisha Yearwood's Black Bean Lasagna

OK, so you'll need to use whole wheat pasta and have a large serving to get the full 18g of protein, but when a country music legend shares a recipe, you do what you gotta do to make it work. Get the recipe here.