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There Was A Storm In L.A. And Nobody Knew What To Do


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L.A. residents awoke on Saturday morning to a strong thunderstorm, with heavy rain and frequent lightning.

A strong thunderstorm was moving over downtown L.A. into San Gabriel Valley. If you hear thunder stay inside. #cawx

There was a lot of lightning. A LOT.

Can’t remember the last time we had a storm with this much lightning move through Downtown LA.


Stormy clouds over Downtown LA produce heavy rain, thunder and lightning.


Lightning strikes the Hollywood Hills as thunderstorm roars through LA


The lightning was also seen in San Diego. ⚡️

PHOTOS: Lightning strikes in San Diego:


Lightning struck directly next to our house during this crazy storm.

Beaches were also cleared during the stormy chaos.

Lightning strikes near the coastline just after 8am have caused @LACoLifeguards to clear all #LACounty Beaches until further notice

There was also a record-breaking amount of rain in some places.

Downtown L.A. received 0.13” of rain (in 1 hour) this morning, breaking the daily record and tying for 2nd wettest July day ever☔️


The National Weather Service had been warning for days of the potential for storms and crazy surf conditions as Tropical Storm Dolores made its presence felt along Southern California.

Remnants of #Dolores to bring elevated surf & potential for thunderstorms to #SoCal Sat-Mon. #LAWeather

Storms are also possible on Sunday.

Thunderstorms possible this weekend for #SoCal, more so Sunday from #Dolores remnants. #laweather #cawx

With California struggling through a devastating drought, the storm brought some much needed rain -- but also freaked the shit out of a bunch of celebrities.

This thunder is as loud as any I've ever heard, no exaggeration. Any other Angelenos hearing this??

The creator of Community was anxious.

It's raining in Los Angeles! Cease drought! Commence Storm Watch!


As was model Karrueche Tran.

Okay is anyone hearing this thunder in LA right now?? Wtheckkk is going on

Kristin Bauer van Straten (aka Pam from True Blood) said the storm was all too much for her poor pup.

Podcaster and comedian Marc Maron just wanted everyone to calm the fuck down.

Dont freak out, LA. It’s rain. It’s good. You can drive in it.

To be fair, it was all pretty scary.

Massive lightning storm in #EchoPark caused this fire out our window. Is this end of days?? @LinzHicks


Twitter users said all the lighting strikes sparked some fires amid all the rain.

my friend Richy posted this. It's from right next to Logan street school about a block from me! Lightning fire

But mostly people were not happy about their Saturday sleep-in being ruined.

The thunder in LA this morning is all like

Others didn't mind so much, though.

woken up by thunder in LA. what a weekend alarm clock.

What could all this rain and thunder mean?

Woke up to the sounds of thunder in LA and yep I'm pretty sure that's a clear sign of the apocalypse.


Is the city doomed?

God heard your prayers for rain, Los Angeles, and sent rainless lightning to remind you that he has abandoned this place

Are L.A. residents about to run out of their favorite food?

We should tell everyone in LA that the thunder is an omen and that all of their kale is going to wilt.

Maybe L.A. just needs to get used to the concept of rain again.

LOL. I'm used to thunder and lightning so much and people in LA acting like theyre experiencing it for the 1st time since the Ice Age

It's ok, you guys. It happens from time to time but is perfectly natural. ⚡️☔️

Saw lightning and heard thunder for the first time since moving to LA. that's almost two years

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