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Please Enjoy These Photos Of Macron And Trudeau's Impossibly Romantic First Date

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It's President Trump's first major international summit and an important test of how his America First policies will blah blah blah blah... Let's just cut to the real news here.


Macron even posted this video of them speaking French to each other while a bunch of sad hangers-on follow them around and deny them the privacy they so obviously crave.

L'amitié franco-canadienne a un nouveau visage. @JustinTrudeau, à nous de relever les défis de notre génération !…


Here's a bunch of random tweets I'm throwing in ostensibly to break up the article with some jokes but mainly to show I'm not alone in this.

Macron and Trudeau's summery stroll in Sicily looks insanely romantic

It's like Christmas morning for Gay Twitter.

Let's get an UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN reboot with Trudeau and Macron asap thx

find someone who looks at you the way macron looks at trudeau


Justin Trudeau looks like The Bachelor and Macron has just stolen him away for a second.

can't believe Justin has proposed already

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