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People Are Thirsting Over CNN's Chris Cuomo Wearing A T-Shirt While Reporting From Florida


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Tuning into the news, many CNN viewers were shocked to find they'd purchased two tickets to the Chris Cuomo gun show.

Check out the guns on @ChrisCuomo! 😍 Of course he's in Miami and I had to evacuate. #hurricaneirma2017…



BREAKING NEWS: Chris Cuomo is a SNACK and a HALF

"Category 5 arms"

Daaaamn @ChrisCuomo Category 5 arms! We get it bro, you work out.

Some people found it all a bit distracting.

#IrmaHurricane2017 @ChrisCuomo 's biceps.. distraction!!!

Others felt a little bad for thinking the unthinkable.

huh. probably not the time but jeez. i thought @ChrisCuomo was easy on the eyes at the desk..but in a tshirt on the…


But many other CNN viewers were just enjoying the view.

Chris Cuomo on CNN right now. This is like porn

Me, just now seeing Chris Cuomo is in a t-shirt on CNN.

@ChrisCuomo is looking good!!! Those arms!!


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