Twitter Is Being Flooded With Cat Pics In Response To The Berlin Attack

Introducing your new favorite hashtag: #KatzenStattSpekulationen, or #CatsNotSpeculation.

1. On Monday evening, a truck sped through a Christmas market at Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz. As is so often the case after such events, fake news spread quickly.

2. Soon thereafter, however, Twitter users began posting photos of their cats with the hashtag #KatzenStattSpekulationen, or #CatsNotSpeculation, in an effort to fight back against the flood of rumors and false reports.

3. This kitty knows that oversight and prudence are especially important in chaotic situations such as this.

“It’s important to look at the whole picture… #catsnotspeculation”

4. And this cat knows that cute animal pics are way, way better than spreading lies and prejudice.

“#CatsNotSpeculation if you don’t know anything, it’s better to post pictures of cats than to spread prejudice.”

5. This cat is named Lilly and she wants you to do yoga instead of making stuff up on the internet.

“Lilly says we should do yoga to relax. She says it helps! #CatsNotSpeculation”

6. Wow, what a team player.

Team #KatzenStattSpekulationen. 🐾💕

— (((Bogen-Hexe))) (@ArcheryTussi)

“Team #CatsNotSpeculation.”

7. Just another exemplary house cat.

Oh da mach ich doch sofort wieder gern mit <3 #KatzenStattSpekulationen #Breitscheidplatz

— LilaKiku (@KaliKiku)

“Totally taking part in this <3 #CatsNotSpeculation #Breitscheidplatz”

8. These two photogenic kitties are 100% better than fake news.

#katzenstattspekulationen und ja, meine Katzen sind unglaublich fotogen...

— Clara Veit (@ClaraDanida)

“#catsnotspeculation and yes, my cats are unbelievably photogenic…”

9. Mr. Walther is a role model to us all.

Herr Walther hat auch seinen Security Check auf Catbook gemacht. #KatzenstattSpekulationen

— Osik (@Osikx)

“Mr. Walther has also done his Security Check on Catbook. #CatsNotSpeculation”

You can now mark yourself as “safe” on Facebook so your friends don’t have to worry.

10. Now get some sleep and remember, spread love, not hate <3

Und damit gute Nacht 🙈 #KatzenStattSpekulationen

— Terr0cookie (@terr0rcookie)

“And with that, goodnight #CatsNotSpeculation”

This post was translated from German.

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