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President Obama Thanked Redditors With A Handwritten Note For Fighting For Net Neutrality

According to Reddit, users left millions of comments and placed 15,000 calls to members of the FCC to lobby for an open internet.

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In a Reddit blog post, cofounder Alexis Ohanian also praised the community for their time and commitment to unrestricted internet access for all users — not just corporations who can afford to pay.

"A year ago, they said it'd be futile," he wrote. "Today, we defeated opponents of net neutrality who have spent tens of millions of dollars every year lobbying government."

Ohanian added that millions of comments were presented to the Federal Communications Commission — a record number — after one link was posted to r/technology eight months ago. Redditors also made 15,000 calls to the FCC during a three-hour phone-a-thon.

In another message sent to the Reddit team, Obama elaborated:

"This would not have happened without the activism and engagement of millions of Americans like you. And that was a direct result of communities like reddit."

Claudia Koerner is a national reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Los Angeles.

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