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21 Boozy Memes That Were Literally Written About You

I'm definitely a "wine glass half full" kind of person.

1. This commitment to health:

girlwithnojob / Via

The only things I drink are water, coffee, and alcohol.

2. This ~CONFLICT~:

whineforwine / Via

Not in the mood for people, but really not in the mood for sobriety.

3. This awesome acceptance:

girlwithnojob / Via

"I like you, just the way you are." —Wine

4. This lunacy:

roseseason / Via

If you mix a red and a white together I probably won't even notice, TBH.

5. This true sign of friendship:

drinksforgays / Via

If you invite me over, I'll definitely bring a bottle of wine. So you should probably get something for yourself.

6. This life goal:

betches / Via

My 10-year plan is that I'm going to be able to afford better booze.

7. This state of financial affairs:

wine_people_problems / Via

The upside of spending all my money on booze is that I don't have any left to waste on clothes I don't need.

8. This dilemma:

girlwithnojob / Via

Calm TF down I'll be there in a second.

9. This correction:

cocktailsnfitness / Via

I may be getting older, but I'm definitely still drinking like a college senior.

10. This one time Google got it so wrong:

talkthirtytome / Via

The only way to ease into the week is to drink like it's still the weekend.

11. This moment:

Twitter: @thegladstork

Just wanna hold on to that feeling, you know?

12. This widespread misunderstanding:

betches / Via

Who the hell thinks "glass half full" is a positive?

13. This loophole:

justdrinkaboutit / Via

Hey, I'm being responsible here.

14. This rhetorical question:

cocktailsnfitness / Via

I celebrate Wine Wednesday at least six times a week.

15. This biological conundrum:

womenwholovewine / Via

How am I so thirsty all the time? I literally drink my weight in liquid every day.

16. This prayer:

firstruleofwineclub / Via

5 p.m.: "I'm going straight home."

6 p.m.: "I'm just gonna stop by and say hi."

7 p.m.: "OK but only one drink."

8 p.m.: "Sure, fine, one more."

1 a.m.: "....FUUUUUUCK."

17. This. Fucking. Moment:

drinksforgays / Via

Hopefully everybody else is also too hungover to watch my Snapchat story before it disappears...

18. This staredown:

friend_of_bae / Via

Don't judge me. You don't even KNOW me.

19. This v. unwelcome message:

betches / Via

The best way to get over a hangover is to stay in bed and try your damndest to ignore it.

20. This one absolute truth:

whineforwine_ / Via

Can't I just give up vegetables instead?

21. And this:

firstruleofwineclub / Via

*Drops mic*