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7 Healthy Snacks You Need To Try Immediately

Let's be honest, snacks are the most important meal of the day.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Conquer ice cream cravings with homemade yogurt bark instead.

This four-ingredient bark is super customizable — use whatever fruit you want, and swap out granola for nuts or seeds if you need to change it up. Recipe here.

2. Pizza bites are the ultimate after-school snack. Make 'em a little healthier by making the "crust" out of zucchini.

Regular pizza bites taste freezer-burned half the time anyway. The zucchini pizza bites are lower-calorie, which means everybody will be hungry again in time for dinner. Recipe here.

3. Pack one of these healthy cookies along with your lunch for a sweet but satisfying afternoon pick-me-up that won't lead to a sugar crash.

Filled with good-for-you ingredients, these cookies are the perfect alternative to candy or other less healthy baked goods. Recipe here.

4. Cheer yourself up in the middle of the afternoon with a favorite childhood snack.

You probably didn't realize it as a kid, but "ants on a log" is actually a pretty healthy snack. Go classic with celery, (natural) peanut butter, and raisins, or shake things up with different spreads and toppings. Learn more here.

5. If you can't live without chips, make them yourself.

These sweet potato chips aren't exactly healthy, but making them yourself means you know exactly what goes into them. Plus, they taste better than the bagged kind, trust me. Recipe here.

6. Instead of drenching popcorn in butter, flavor it with a creative mix of herbs and spices.

Think of homemade popcorn as a canvas for pretty much whatever flavor combination you're craving. Learn more here.

7. If you're in the mood to bake, whip up something healthy that takes advantage of the best in-season produce.

Blueberries are one of summer's best offerings. These muffins are packed with berries, oats, and Greek yogurt, making them perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Recipe here.