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23 Easy Picnic Recipes That Everybody Will Love

All of these dishes play nicely with blankets and sunshine.

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7. Berry Cantaloupe Salad

Fruit salads can be sort of sad, but this one is cheerful, delicious, and lacking fruits that will get soft/brown/soggy/icky if they sit around for too long. Recipe here.


15. Grilled Garlic Zucchini

I know this isn't inherently picnic food, but HEAR ME OUT: Grilled zucchini is quick, can be made ahead of time and refrigerated, and tastes better at room temperature when it' been sitting for a while, marinating in its own grill-flavored juices. Recipe here.


20. Kale, Bacon, and White Bean Salad

You can serve this dish warm or at room temperature, but don't serve it refrigerator-cold — the bacon fat will solidify and although it'll still be BACON FAT, it'll be less delicious. Recipe here.


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