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Here's How To Save Money During The 2016 Clean Eating Challenge

This is part of a 7-day healthy meal plan that will make you feel awesome. You should definitely start at the beginning, which is here.

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If you're here, that means you're thinking of taking BuzzFeed's newest Clean Eating Challenge.

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Good for you! Here's the full overview of the 7-Day Clean Eating Challenge, but you've probably already seen that.

We know you're probably excited and ready to go, but there are a couple of things you need before you start the challenge.

Before you start the challenge you'll need to go grocery shopping. Here's a printable grocery list.

If you want to cut costs at the supermarket, here are some easy tricks:

1) Buy your proteins in bulk, then portion and freeze the extras to save for later.

2) Use chicken (breasts or thighs) instead of steak. If you do this, you'll have to cook it until it's no longer pink inside.

3) If salmon is super expensive, buy whatever fish is on sale. You might have to cook white fish for a few extra minutes, since it has to be a little more thoroughly cooked than salmon.

4) Use peanuts instead of pistachios and almonds. The challenge calls for a variety of nuts, because they're delicious and pretty and good for you. But, peanuts are cheaper, and you can totally swap them in. Ditto goes for using peanut butter instead of almond butter.

5) Use brown rice instead of barley, and buy in bulk. It's cheaper and has similar amounts of fiber, so it's a totally legit substitution. That said, if you buy the barley in bulk, it won't be super expensive, and it keeps for a really long time in your pantry.

6) Sub 3/4 cup of grapes for every pomegranate half. Pomegranates are so, SO delicious, but they can get pricey. It's fine to use grapes instead.

7) Sub regular navel oranges for blood oranges. Truthfully, there isn't that much difference. Blood oranges can also be hard to find.

8) Sub any kind of decaf tea for the chai. If you don't love chai and don't want to buy a whole box of it, substitute your favorite tea. Chamomile would be awesome.

9) Use raisins instead of unsweetened dried cherries. Dried cherries are awesome, but definitely a little $$$.

All prepped and ready to go? Here's Day 1.

Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

So, you’re taking the Clean Eating Challenge? We’d love to see how it goes! Post your photos to Instagram or Twitter and tag them #BuzzFeedCleanEating

BuzzFeed Food editors tested the entire Clean Eating Challenge and can vouch for the validity and deliciousness of every recipe. If you have questions about the challenge or any of the dishes, you can email Christine Byrne.

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