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These Easy S'mores Pancakes Are The Only Breakfast You Need

So flippin' sweet.

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Not sure if you've noticed, but s'mores are kind of everywhere. S'mores in your milkshakes.

S'mores in your skillet.

We made a video for this. Have you seen it?


Here's everything you need to make s'mores pancakes, the breakfast of CAMPions.

John Gara / BuzzFeed

Milk, eggs, and pancake mix to make pancake batter, plus chocolate chips, fluff, and graham crackers.

Make as much pancake batter as you need,* then crumble up graham crackers and throw the crumbs in.

John Gara / BuzzFeed

You'll probably need about one crumbled graham cracker per two pancakes, but it's fine to just guess.

*Follow the package directions, or use your favorite recipe!


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