31 Life-Changing Gifts For Ice Cream Lovers

*Ice cream lovers = everybody.

1. Ice Cream Scoop and Stack, $17

Just plunge the scoop and stack into your ice cream container, then stamp out the perfect cylinder of ice cream into a cone or a bowl. Get it here.

2. Ice Cream Cone Dishes, $7.99

Get them here.

3. Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker, $49.95

This magical machine turns frozen fruit into delicious, creamy soft serve in seconds. And, for the record, banana soft serve is seriously good. Get it here.

4. Motorized Ice Cream Cone, $12.99

Why waste energy turning your ice cream cone to lick the rim, when there’s a cone that’ll do it for you. Get it here.

5. Ice Cream Pop Maker, $16

Not having a soft serve machine at home is no excuse for sub-par ice cream aesthetics. Get it here.

6. Vintage Malt and Milkshake Mixer, $58.99

A soda shoppe classic. Get it here.

7. Dippin Dots Frozen Dot Maker, $45

“ice Cream of the Future” makes for a pretty great present. Get it here.

8. Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock Ice Cream Pint Combination Lock Protector, $24.99

Essential for any ice cream loving friend with an ice cream loving roommate. Get it here.

9. YayLabs Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball Ice Cream Maker, starting at $22.99

Ice in one end, ice cream base in the other. Then, shake it around for 15 minutes and, BOOM, ice cream! Don’t ask questions. Get it here.

10. Ice Cream Cone Kitchen Timer, $5.99

A plain old egg timer just doesn’t have enough personality, you know? Get it here.

11. Parlor Ice Cream Dishes, $2.95 each

For anyone with a love of both ice cream and kitsch. Get them here.

12. Meri Meri Ice Cream Van with Cups and Spoons, $5.50

Would look great on a DIY sundae bar. Get it here.

13. Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float, $27.99

This weekend, I think I’ll relax and float around the pool on a giant ice cream sandwich. Get it here.

14. White Mountain Wooden Bucket 4-Quart Hand Cranked Ice Cream Maker, $179.99A

Anyone who really loves ice cream should be willing to work for it. Get it here.

15. Waffle Cone and Ice Cream Sandwich Maker, $46.50

Fresh cones FTW. Get it here.

16. Ice Cream Style USB Drive, $11.99

Get it here.

17. Stainless Steel Straw Spoons, $19.95 for a set of 6

Necessary for all milkshake drinkers. Get them here.

18. Zoku Quick Pop Maker, $50.99

Nothing to see here, except a truly excellent ice pop maker. Keep in the freezer at all times so that whenever the mood strikes, you can make ice pops in as little as 7 minutes! Get it here.

19. Non-Stick Ice Cream Bowl Tin

No one ever said you could have your bowl and eat it, too. Get it here.

20. Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker, $15

This is the cutest but also a necessary kitchen staple, obviously. Get it here.

21. Pint Ice Cream Holder, $55

A pint-holder is perfect, whether you use it for classier ice cream presentation at dinner parties, or just to keep your hands from getting cold when spooning ice cream directly from pint-to-mouth. Get it here.

22. Press-And-Release Ice Cream Scoop, $7.99

Anything that cuts the amount of time and effort necessary to eat ice cream is worth owning. Get it here.

23. The Ice Cream Parlor Blending Stone, $59.95

Give the gift of endless possibilities. Get it here.

24. Mini Cream Whipper

For sundaes, get homemade whipped cream in seconds, and without dirtying a stand mixer or having to whisk foreverrrr. Get it here.

25. Ice Cream Phone Case $12.99

Yeah IDK but hey, for the person who has everything? Get it here.

26. Zoku Personal Ice Cream Maker, $25.95

Whip up your own, customized bowl o’ ‘scream in just ten minutes!!! Get it here.

27. Ice Cream Lover’s T-Shirt

Eat your feelings, WEAR your feelings. Get it here.

28. My Ice Cream & Your Ice Cream Spoons, $48

The question is, who’s the big spoon? Get it here.

29. CoolHaus Sammie of the Month Club, $55 for 3 months

Who wouldn’t want to come home once a month to a gourmet ice cream sandwich? No one, that’s who. Get it here.

30. Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

Some people prefer soft serve, and those people deserve to make it at home. Get it here.

31. Pint-Size Crochet Ice Cream Cozy, $8.75

Chill out and get cozy. Get it here.

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