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23 Insanely Delicious Food-On-Food Recipes

Leave no food boat unturned.

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4. If you want to carry the egg/potato combo over to lunch, try these sweet potato egg boats.

Not sure why these count as lunch, but that's true for most things. Lunch is a feeling, and I feel these sweet potato boats.

Recipe: Sweet Potato Egg Boats


13. Marshmallow-topped sweet potato boats make for a good snack and a fun afternoon project.

Lauren Zaser /

Not just for Thanksgiving, people. And if "snack" appeals to you but "project" does not, forget about the pretty piping and just spoon the filling right in.

Recipe: Twice-Baked Sweet Potato Boats with Toasted Marshmallows

14. A pretzel bowl filled with spinach dip is fun and filling and super cute.

Carrot sticks are optional, since the best way to eat this is obviously to tear the bowl apart and messily dig in with your hands.

Recipe: Spinach Dip Pretzel Bowls with The Best Spinach Dip

16. This overachieving pumpkin is both the bowl and the soup.

Hirsheimer and Hamilton /

A hollowed-out pumpkin gets filled with stock and cheese and roasted, then served whole and split into individual serving bowls, where you'll ladle on more stock to make a soup. It's very pretty, but also pretty genius.

Recipe: Pumpkin Soup with Gruyère


22. Brownies make for excellent ice cream bowls, too, if you have two muffin tins.

Brownie batter is thinner and won't stick to the sides of the tin, so you need that second tin to give your bowls a little help.

Recipe: Brownie Bowl Sundaes


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