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27 Delicious Dishes For An All-Day Brunch Party

Brunch parties are the best, which is why they last for hours. All of these will look and taste great, even after sitting out at room temperature all afternoon.

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4. Minty Grapefruit Salad

Ashley Rodriguez /

The recipe suggests serving the fruit salad with a sweet milk granita. It looks amazing, but won’t stay frozen for very long on your brunch table. So skip that part – or make it and eat it with leftovers after your guests have gone home.

7. Blueberry Pizza with Whipped Ricotta and Caramelized Shallots

Jessica Merchant /

Spreading peanut butter on a tortilla and topping it with strawberries and bananas is totally fine, but don't call it a "breakfast pizza." All pizzas, breakfast or not, must contain real pizza crust and actual cheese. Recipe here.


11. Tortilla Española

Penny De Los Santos /

Traditionally, this dish (essentially a potato frittata) is made with peeled, thinly sliced potatoes. But Ferran Adrià, arguably the best chef in the world, thinks it's easier to just use potato chips instead of doing all that work. Why argue? Recipe here.


12. Quinoa, Asparagus, and Strawberry Salad

They key to making a salad that will keep all day is not using too many leafy greens, which wilt soon after they're dressed. Plus, this mix of fresh fruit, avocado, dried mango, walnuts and herbs is so much more exciting. Recipe here.

14. Greek-Style Vegetable Casserole

Sarah Flotard /

Leave a salad out for more than an hour and it's bound to wilt. This casserole fulfills all of your veggie needs (also, CHEESE!), minus the sad soggy lettuce. Recipe here.

15. Blood Orange, Chocolate, and Salted Pistachio Bread Pudding

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This not-too-sweet bread pudding is totally brunch appropriate. Rye bread is also a little denser than white bread, so it'll hold up better through the afternoon. Recipe here.