27 Delicious Dishes For An All-Day Brunch Party

Brunch parties are the best, which is why they last for hours. All of these will look and taste great, even after sitting out at room temperature all afternoon.

1. Red Flannel Hash

Egg-topped hash is a no-go, since fried eggs pretty much turn to rubber at room temperature. But, a skillet full of root vegetables will look appetizing all afternoon. Recipe here.

2. Sweet and Savory Cheesy Bacon Wrapped Puff Pastry Twist

So, a breadstick walked into a brunch…. Recipe here.

3. Fat Almond Pancake

This pancake/pudding hybrid is a much more worthy centerpiece than a plain old stack of pancakes. Recipe here.

4. Minty Grapefruit Salad

Ashley Rodriguez /

The recipe suggests serving the fruit salad with a sweet milk granita. It looks amazing, but won’t stay frozen for very long on your brunch table. So skip that part – or make it and eat it with leftovers after your guests have gone home.

5. Spinach and Cheese Strata

Deb Perelman /

This super easy strata is assembled the night before, then baked pre-brunch. Recipe here.

6. Pomegranate-Jeweled White Cheddar and Sage Cheeseball

Jessica Merchant /

A shell of sweet fruit makes a cheese ball feel brunch-ier, somehow. Recipe here.

7. Blueberry Pizza with Whipped Ricotta and Caramelized Shallots

Jessica Merchant /

Spreading peanut butter on a tortilla and topping it with strawberries and bananas is totally fine, but don’t call it a “breakfast pizza.” All pizzas, breakfast or not, must contain real pizza crust and actual cheese. Recipe here.

8. Apricot, Cherry, Cranberry and Cardamom Hot Cross Buns

Stephanie Stiavetti /

Easter is coming. Recipe here.

9. Breakfast Sausage Puffs

Recipe here.

10. Almond and Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Jeanine Donofrio /

This almond flour-based coffee cake is seriously delicious. And, since it’s vegan and gluten-free, it’s perfect for pretty much anyone. Recipe here.

11. Tortilla Española

Penny De Los Santos /

Traditionally, this dish (essentially a potato frittata) is made with peeled, thinly sliced potatoes. But Ferran Adrià, arguably the best chef in the world, thinks it’s easier to just use potato chips instead of doing all that work. Why argue? Recipe here.

12. Quinoa, Asparagus, and Strawberry Salad

They key to making a salad that will keep all day is not using too many leafy greens, which wilt soon after they’re dressed. Plus, this mix of fresh fruit, avocado, dried mango, walnuts and herbs is so much more exciting. Recipe here.

13. Grapefruit Poppy Seed Bread

Kimberly Hasselbrink /

Recipe here.

14. Greek-Style Vegetable Casserole

Sarah Flotard /

Leave a salad out for more than an hour and it’s bound to wilt. This casserole fulfills all of your veggie needs (also, CHEESE!), minus the sad soggy lettuce. Recipe here.

15. Blood Orange, Chocolate, and Salted Pistachio Bread Pudding

Kate Olsson /

This not-too-sweet bread pudding is totally brunch appropriate. Rye bread is also a little denser than white bread, so it’ll hold up better through the afternoon. Recipe here.

16. Bagel Pudding with Prunes and Raisins

Day-old bagels work best, so get them on Saturday morning for a Sunday brunch party (and eat one immediately because, bagels). Recipe here.

17. Maple-Pepper Bacon

Hot bacon is the best bacon, but cold bacon is still bacon. And bacon rules. Recipe here.

18. Mocha Scones

Jamie Lothridge /

Recipe here.

19. Five-Ingredient Sticky Toffee Monkey Bread

Leah Bergman /

Recipe here.

20. Honey-and-Rye-Glazed Ham

Sivan Lewin /

Ham is not only good, but best, served room temperature. Recipe here.

21. Strawberry Loaf Bread

Yossy Arefi /

Perfect for the times you don’t just happen to have 3 overripe bananas lying around. Recipe here.

22. Sun-dried Tomato, Spinach and Mushroom Tofu Quiche

Angela Liddon /

If room temperature eggs just aren’t your jam, try this equally delicious, veggie-filled vegan alternative. Recipe here.

23. Lavender Fruit Salad

Katie Morris /

Recipe here.

24. Blueberry, Coconut, and Pecan Breakfast Cookies

Granola in cookie form, for simpler but equally delicious eating. Recipe here.

25. Italian Brunch Torte

Eggs + crescent rolls + Recipe here.

26. Overnight Buttermilk Soft and Fluffy Cinnamon Rolls

Averie Sunshine /

Recipe here.

27. Baked Asparagus Frittata

Recipe here.

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