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    23 Comfort Food Mash-Ups That Were Meant To Be

    You know all about Brangelina, but have you heard about potataffle or rice krispancake, yet?

    1. Cheese Dip + Chocolate

    Apart, they were irresistible. Together, they're unstoppable.

    Recipe: Cheddar Chocolate Truffle Dip

    2. Soup + Mac and Cheese

    Their kids had been trying to get them together forever, but they weren't sure. Now, they're just sorry it took them so long.

    Recipe: French Onion Macaroni and Cheese

    3. Eclair + Banana Split

    At first, his snooty French parents didn't approve of her. But, no one can resist such earnest, all-American charm forever.

    Recipe: Banana Split Eclairs

    4. Cookie + Pretzel

    The cookie and the pretzel, both weary from so many failed relationships and one-night stands, finally figured, "Why not give THIS a shot?"

    Recipe: Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie Stuffed Soft Pretzels

    5. Mashed Potato + Waffle

    Both were really happy being single. But, isn't that always how the best relationships start?

    Recipe: Mashed Potato Cheddar and Chive Waffles

    6. Peanut Butter + Cookie Dough

    Despite all of their mutual friends, it took these two a while to meet.

    Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Peanut Butter

    7. Nutella + Ravioli

    To be honest, I don't totally get it, either. But, they're both European and sexy and very much in demand, so, there's that.

    Recipe: Baked Nutella Ravioli

    8. Cookie + Grilled Cheese

    Sometimes, young love lasts.

    Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookie Grilled Cheese

    9. Enchilada + Apple Pie

    Similar values + crazy chemistry = happily ever after.

    Recipe: Apple Pie Enchiladas

    10. Pizza + Donut

    When they met, the doughnut was actually in a pretty serious and very public relationship with the croissant. But, fate always finds a way.

    Recipe: Savory Mini Pizza Donuts

    11. Reuben Sandwich + Egg Roll

    Totally wrapped up in each other.

    Recipe: Reuben Eggrolls

    12. Cereal + Lasagna

    They come from different worlds, but it was love at first sight.

    Recipe: Cinnamon Toast Crunch Dessert Lasagna

    13. Tater Tot + Nacho

    When their grandkids ask how they met, they're probably going to have to come up with something better than, "Well, it was 2 a.m. and we were both pretty wasted."

    Recipe: Totchos Supreme

    14. Cookie + Cupcake

    Aren't they just the sweetest?

    Recipe: Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Bottomed Cupcakes

    15. Grits + Popcorn

    No one can resist a Southern accent.

    Recipe: Buttered Popcorn Polenta Bites

    16. Oatmeal + Cheesecake

    They do say that opposites attract.

    Recipe: Dark Chocolate Chunk Cheesecake Baked Oatmeal

    17. Meatloaf + Lasagna

    They plan on having 2.3 kids, a collie, and a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence.

    Recipe: Meatloaf Lasagna

    18. PB&J + Pie

    19. Milkshake + S'more

    They met at summer camp.

    Recipe: S'mores Milkshake

    20. Baked Potato + Pizza

    Starchy base? Check. Cheesy topping? Yup. Boundless universal appeal? Uh-huh. These two finally realized how much they had in common and went all in.

    Recipe: Pizza Baked Potatoes

    21. Red Wine + Chocolate Cake

    Happier than ever.

    Recipe: Red Wine Chocolate Cake

    22. Thanksgiving Dinner + Egg Sandwich

    A whole year apart will make for a pretty explosive Friday morning come November.

    Recipe: Thanksgiving Leftover Breakfast Sandwiches

    23. Rice Krispies Treat + Pancake


    After sitting right across from each other at the breakfast table for years but never speaking, these two finally got it together.

    Recipe: Rice Krispies Treat Pancakes