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23 Healthy Lunch Sandwiches That Will Make You A Champion At Life

Be the sandwich master of your own universe.

1. Green Goddess Sandwich

The downside is that you'll spend all morning unable to focus on anything else. Recipe here.

2. Easy Chicken Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce

Tzatziki is a yogurt-based sauce that's totally refreshing and way healthier than mayo. Make the gyro at home in the morning or the night before with pita, chicken — or any leftover meat you have — and veggies, and pack the tzatziki on the side. Recipe here.

3. Smoky Tempeh and Hummus Sandwiches

If you've never had tempeh, it's basically tofu's heartier, nuttier, more mature cousin. Recipe here.

4. Loaded Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich

Layers of Happiness, indeed. Recipe here.

5. Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad Sandwich

Greek yogurt stands in for mayo in this lightened-up chicken salad. To make sure the bread doesn't get soggy, you can pack the chicken salad in a tupperware and the roll in a baggie, then combine when you're ready to eat. Recipe here.

6. Low-Carb Pesto and Turkey Cucumber Roll-Ups

In case you're just not ~feeling~ bread one day. Recipe here.

7. Smashed White Bean and Avocado Sandwich

Hummus lovers, switch it up with an easy white bean filling. Recipe here.

8. Pan Bagnat (French Tuna Salad Sandwich)

Sometimes you want something a little special. Adding ingredients like olives, herbs, and artichokes to your tuna salad probably won't become an everyday thing, but boy, is it worth trying. Recipe here.

9. Turkey Salad Rolls

A great chicken salad alternative, but also one to keep in mind for when you have leftover Thanksgiving turkey lying around. Recipe here.

10. The Ultimate 4-Layer Vegan Sandwich

Only the best stuff. Recipe here.

11. Sweet Potato and Avocado Sandwiches with Poppy Seed Spread

12. Spicy Carrot and Hummus Sandwich

Your favorite healthy snack found a cozy new home between two slices of bread. Recipe here.

13. Chipotle Turkey Burgers

Make these for dinner, then take one for lunch the next day, or just make a batch for a week's worth of lunches. Don't worry, they taste good cold. Recipe here.

14. Chickpea Sunflower Sandwich

A truly tasty vegetarian spin on a deli classic. Recipe here.

15. Peanut Butter Basil Sandwich

Break out of a sandwich rut with this odd but surprisingly delicious combo. Recipe here.

16. Chicken Soft Tacos

Don't limit Taco Tuesday to just dinner. Recipe here.

17. California Veggie Sandwich with Green Goddess Dressing

Make a big batch of the green goddess dressing at the start of the week, then keep it in the fridge for a few days and spread it/pour it/spoon it on EVERYTHING. Recipe here.

18. Moroccan Carrot and Goat Cheese Sandwiches with Green Olive Tapenade

A remix of some usual suspects, plus a fancy-schmancy spread that's actually so easy to make. Recipe here.

19. Roasted Red Pepper, Feta, and Hummus Sandwich

20. Crispy Tofu Sandwich with Sweet Potato

Give deli meat a little bit of a break. Recipe here.

21. Grilled Hummus and Caramelized Onion Sandwich

Just when you thought you'd sandwiched it all. Recipe here.

22. Cobb Salad Sandwich

Better with bread. Recipe here.

23. Avocado and Marinated Kale Sandwich

Virtue with a hefty side of ciabatta. Recipe here.