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7 Healthy Eating Tricks To Try This Week

Get out of your rut and make healthy eating fun again.

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1. Bored of the same old zucchini noodle recipes? Try something different, like this shrimp scampi.

Shrimp is delicious and full of protein, but the best thing about it is how quickly it cooks. This will be your new go-to healthy weeknight dinner, guaranteed. Recipe here.

4. Turn leftover grains and vegetables into breakfast with a fried egg.

Heat leftover cooked grains and veggies — I used quinoa, corn, and broccoli, but pretty much anything will work — in a skillet with a little oil over medium heat. Once everything is hot, transfer it to a plate and wipe out the skillet. Heat a little more oil, then crack an egg in and cook over medium heat until it's crispy around the edges and the white is set, but the yolk is still runny.