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People Think This Missile Being Launched Looks Like A Squirrel Ejaculating

(It does.)

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However, one guy on Twitter noticed that the photo used by MSNBC to go with the story has an interesting trait: It looks like a squirrel ejaculating.

tell me this doesn't look like a squirrel cumming


Twitter user @rmj_equals_hero made the claim, and since then there have been hundreds of people who, once they realize how right he is, can't unsee it.

@rmj_equals_hero Well now that you say that . . .

@rmj_equals_hero I can even see its closed eye 😯


@rmj_equals_hero I absolutely hate making jokes about such serious shit, but goddam that is spot on! #HappySquirrel

There are also a lot of people makin' that "bust a nut" joke you probably thought of in your own head.

@rmj_equals_hero Missed opportunity to deploy the term "bust a nut"

@rmj_equals_hero He's busting a nut @keven_supakhan

@rmj_equals_hero @kalesalad I'm disappointed you didn't say "nutting"

  1. So, what do you think? Does it look like a squirrel ejaculating?

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So, what do you think? Does it look like a squirrel ejaculating?
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