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The Cast Of "Glee" Reunited On "Drop The Mic" And Things Got...Heated

And here's what you missed on GLEE!


Italy Is Ground Zero For The War On Women — Which Is Why These Far-Right Groups Are Meeting There

An alliance of far-right Italian politicians, Putin-affiliated Russians, and anti-LGBT activists from the US are gathering in an Italian city at the heart of the war on women.


Which Disney Channel TV Show Characters Are You A Combination Of?

"You get the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS."

Why The Joe Biden-Stacey Abrams Rumors Won’t Go Away

Abrams is testing her message nationally and plotting her next steps, and Abrams and Biden aides’ denials aren’t quieting the rumors of a team-up.

Betsy DeVos, Who Wants To Cut Funding For The Special Olympics, Says The Media Lied About Her Wanting To Cut Funding For The Special Olympics

The education secretary is facing criticism for her proposal to cut the almost $18 million the government sends the group. But the plan has little to no chance of ever passing Congress.

17 Horror Stories From Librarians That Will Make You Say, "Oh No, No, No, NO"

"A coworker was checking in a huge bin a few months ago and it STANK sooo bad. There ended up being a turd smashed between two picture books."


Chicago Is Shocked At The Jussie Smollett Result. But Some Are Shocked That People Are Shocked.

The decision to drop all criminal charges against the Empire actor stunned many around the country, but reactions were more complex in Chicago.

Monsanto Has Been Ordered To Pay $80 Million After A Jury Found Its Weed Killer Caused A Man’s Cancer

The jury determined the popular weed killer was a "substantial factor" in the development of a California man's non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

All The TV Shows And Movies Coming To Hulu In April

A Quiet Place, Overboard and Book Club for the movie-lovers, and Game of Thrones and The Bold Type for the TV-heads.


How Much Of "Lizzie McGuire" Do You ACTUALLY Remember?

Can you figure it out on the way?

Here Are 20 TV Shows And Streaming Movies In April 2019 That We're Excited For

The final season of Game of Thrones premieres this month!


"Game Of Thrones" Just Announced There Will Be A Post-Finale Documentary And I'm Not OK, Are You OK?

The Last Watch will debut Sunday, May 26, a week after the series finale.

22 Pictures That Helped Define The 20th Century

"Saturate yourself with your subject, and the camera will all but take you by the hand and point the way." —Margaret Bourke-White


Opinion: My Palestinian Family's Land Was Stolen. Then It Showed Up On Airbnb.

My children and I should be able to farm our land like my father did. Instead, Israeli settlers run a bed and breakfast on it.

Migrant Families Are Being Housed Under A Bridge As The Border Patrol Chief Warns Of An Immigration “Breaking Point”

CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan announced 750 officers will be reassigned to the southern border.


Apparently People Slice Bagels Like Bread In St. Louis And Honestly? WTF

“We regret to inform you that St. Louis is cancelled.”

A Pair Of Leftist Teens Are Tired Of The Democratic Party’s “Bullshit.” They’re Launching A Presidential Campaign To Fix It.

David Oks and Henry Williams are pushing a octogenarian politician to make another run at the White House to help move the Democratic Party further left.

I Rewatched "Game Of Thrones" Season 4 And Noticed These Interesting Details

Catching up on everything important before Season 8 starts.

Facebook Will Ban White Nationalist And White Supremacist Content

A Facebook spokesperson said that Wednesday's new policies do not cover Holocaust denial, which will still be allowed on the platform to some extent.