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Proof That Governor Chris Christie Is Actually The Biggest Bro In Politics

You mad? BuzzFeed has obtained the most bro photo of Chris Christie ever.

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Christie was raised as a bro.

Which means he had a bro haircut and a sweater-vest at a young age.

No, but seriously, he bros out in sweaters.

Christie worked hard on being a good bro growing up... eating ice cream and wearing white pants.


He did all sorts of bro sports.

So Christie was definitely king of Jersey bros growing up.

Christie eventually turned into a dad bro.

All good bros want their kids to be firemen.

And as governor, Christie has remained a huge bro.

BuzzFeed asked Christie's office if there were any bro photos the world hadn't seen before. And we now have obtained the most bro photo of Chris Christie in the universe.


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