This Tumblr Inserts Conservative Politicians Into Modern Art And It Is Glorious

Give me Romney Picasso.

1. The Tumblr Post-Libertarian inserts conservative and libertarian politicians into famous pieces of modern art.

The site self-describes as: “A critical examination of conceptualist neodeconstructive theory within radical neoliberalism.”

2. Marco Rubio

“Son of Rubio, René Magritte”

3. Ron Paul

“The Physical Impossibility of Liberty in the Mind of Someone Running for Executive Office, Damien Hirst”

4. Chris Christie

“The Drowning Governor, Roy Lichtenstein”

5. Reagan and Thatcher

“The Defense Hawks, Edward Hopper”

6. Ted Cruz

“Cruz Diptych, Andy Warhol”

7. The Shutdown

“Shutdown, David Hockney”

8. Melting Constitutions

“The Persistence of Liberty, Salvador Dalí”

9. The Koch Foundation

“Charles Koch’s Soup Cans, Andy Warhol”

10. Ron Paul & Banksy

If Politics Changed Anything, Banksy

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