Michelle Obama’s Personal Hairstylist Has One Insane Instagram Account

Louis Vuitton condom? Check.

He is Michelle Obama’s personal hairstylist!

Johnny travels around the world with FLOTUS.


In Dublin for the G-20.

…and gets crazy access to the first lady.


Then he shares it on his Instagram!

1. Here are some things you will find if you follow Johnny on Instagram:


Action shots!

2. A proper obsession with the first lady’s hair.

3. What an Air Force One invitation looks like!

4. His outfit at Burning Man.

7. This picture for hump day.

8. Making it rain in South Africa.

9. Behind the scenes everywhere.

10. Trading Wolfgang Puck a haircut for mac and cheese.

14. Commentary on fellow airline passengers.

16. Louis Vutton condoms.

18. And what it looks like when the first lady reads the Best Picture winner at the Oscars.

19. Close up-and-personal access to the president too!


And there we go! The most cray-cray FLOTUS stylist on planet Earth.

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