9 Presidents Who Never Had To Worry About Their Second Term

U think I care?

Obama is having a bit of a rough start to his second term.

But there are some presidents who would kill for his problems right now, i.e., a second term.

1. George H.W. Bush

Three-way race? Who cares. My kid will get me the keys back in 8.

2. Jimmy Carter

Lost to Reagan YOLO in 1980.

3. Gerald Ford

Got smoked by Carter in 1976.

4. Herbert Hoover

Depressions are a bummer.

5. William Howard Taft

Lost reelection in 1912. But now has plenty of time for riding! Poor horse.

6. Martin Van Buren

Van Buren lost a campaign for reelection in 1840 to William Henry Harrison. But Harrison died shortly after taking office. So joke’s on him.

7. Benjamin Harrison

Beard? Check. Reelection after the U.S. Treasury went bust? No.

8. John Quincy Adams

He lost a campaign for reelection in 1828 to Andrew Jackson. But Adams was the first president to be photographed! Cool.

9. John Adams

Our second president lost to Thomas Jefferson. Whatevs.

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