25 Glorious Things You Only Find At CPAC

How conservative are you?

1. This happy couple.

2. This road-worthy vehicle.

3. America BRO x 1000%


4. George Washington?


5. YOLO Conservative.


His name is “Rooster.”

6. Ted Cruz getting candid advice.

7. Guys wearing fabulous red capes…

8. …and handing out flyers about gay beavers across from these guys.


9. People openly wearing Rush Limbaugh ties.




11. This guy getting airtime.

12. Herman Weinerschnauzer …

…and his young counterpart.

13. A Rand Glasshole.

14. Guys holding lightsabers like this:

“Please, God, make it stop.”

15. Kids enthusiastically pinning where their College Republican chapters are located…


16. NRA indoor shooting ranges.


17. Obama stress ball heads…

…in front of roaming West Point cadets.

18. Rand love.

19. An emo conservative.

20. The postcard Republican family…

…and their crazy uncle.

21. Families who name their children after Ronald Reagan.

22. Ronald Reagan on stilts.

— Betsy Woodruff (@woodruffbets)

23. This selfie collection.

@bennyjohnson #cpacselfieolympics

— Christine Rousselle (@crousselle)

24. And Rick Perry actually TAKING this selfie.

Hipster selfie of @GovernorPerry and @NRO's @woodruffbets at #CPAC2014 #blogbash

— National Review (@NRO)

25. And this concert:


el fin.

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