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31 Delicious Things To Cook In January

It's cold and you're hungry. Here are some things to cook.

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A Few Examples Of What's In Season Right Now

. Root Veggies like sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots and radishes

. Butter beans, black beans, chickpeas

. Onions

. Cabbage

. Citrus like blood oranges, grapefruits

Holiday roast season may be over, but braised short ribs season is just getting started. Get the recipe here.


This risotto will snuggle with you when it's snowing. Get the recipe from How Sweet It Is.

This recipe comes from a popular restaurant in NYC's East Village, Northern Spy Food Co. Find the recipe on Food52.


For when you need a more compelling reason to wake up in the morning. Find the recipe on My Fat Heart.

We're all trying to stop eating the cookies we discovered in December. This soup will help. Get the recipe from Bon Appétit.


Get a recipe for beef pho on Zen Can Cook.

Ikea is fun and all but just make your own. Find a recipe on Jo Cooks.


Try this winter tart from Manger.

Find the recipe for butterscotch pudding on Foodess.


It sounds complicated to make duck confit, but once you do it you'll realize it's...doable. Find the recipe on Gourmet.

Get the recipe at No Recipes.


Find some comfort in this vegan carrot soup with this recipe from 10th Kitchen.

A big steamy plate of eggplant parmesan will warm you up. Find a gluten free recipe at Gluten Free Girl.


Find the recipe for Chicken and Dumplings at Stylish Cusine.

Bright and seasonal! Try this recipe at Bon Appétit.


Try a variation on the classic with chicken and rosemary. Find the recipe at Feasting At Home.

Find the recipe here.


Butternut Squash and Bread make this a filling salad for dinner. Find the recipe at A Communal Table.

Make this dessert from Eats Well With Others.


Clears your sinuses. Get the recipe from Cook Republic.

Find a recipe for this dish at Bon Appétit.


For those times you want to eat three desserts at the same time. Get the recipe from How Sweet It Is.

Make the most out of the very end of pomegranate season with this Kale based salad. Find the simple recipe at A Tasty Love Story.


A chicken pot pie will take your mind off the cold. Try this recipe from Elly Says Opa.

Make seasonal tacos with sweet potatoes and avocado. Find the recipe at Love and Lemons.


Get the recipe at Pickled Plum.

Get the recipe at Crepes of Wrath.


Get the simple recipe here.

Find the recipe for homemade sausage pizza from Joy The Baker.


Make a delicious vegetarian chili in just a half an hour with this recipe from Nutritionist In The Kitch.

Try this classic recipe from How Sweet It Is.