9 Beyoncé Would You Rather Questions That Will End You

Because Bey is high stakes and we don’t play.

This game of “Would You Rather” was made for the Beyoncé stan in your life. For us, that stan was writer and activist Janet Mock (listen to her answers and her amazing Another Round interview here!)

  1. 1. Would you rather:
    Splash News / Splash News
    1. Know what happens when there’s a billion dollars in an elevator
    2. Know every single detail of what wrought “Lemonade”
  1. 2. Would you rather:
    Robyn Beck / / Getty
    1. Via Robyn Beck / / Getty
      Babysit Blue Ivy
    2. Via Robyn Beck / / Getty
      Babysit Jay-Z when he’s really drunk
  1. 3. Would you rather:
    Peter Kramer / Getty
    1. Eat Beyoncés garbage aka rotten vegetables for the rest of your life.
    2. Spill wine down the front of Bey’s white suit on live television, incurring the wrath of the Beyhive.
  1. 4. Would you rather:
    1. Find out Beyoncé is a 9/11 truther
    2. Find out Beyoncé is a climate change denier
  1. 5. Would you rather:
    1. Via Angela Weiss / / Getty
      Have access to Beyoncé’s makeup guru, Sir John
    2. Via Theo Wargo / / Getty
      Get that Beyoncé hair from Neal Farinah, the man responsible for the Formation tour braid
  1. 6. Would you rather:
    Parkwood // Columbia

    You best believe she’d come after you with that bat if you killed her fish.

    1. Via Parkwood // Columbia
      Have Beyoncé write a song about you but never be able to tell anyone.
    2. Kill Beyoncé’s pet fish and have to tell her about it face to face.
  1. 7. Would you rather:
    1. Via Timothy Clary / / Getty
      Have Bey’s voice and be able to murder people with your karaoke runs alone
    2. Via Theo Wargo / / Getty
      Have Bey’s body and transfix all of humanity with a single shoulder shimmy
  1. 8. Would you rather:
    1. Via Thinkstock
      Never be able to listen to Bey’s music again but be her close friend
    2. Via Timothy A. Clary / / Getty
      Meet her, accidentally trip her and have her hate you forever
  1. 9. Ok, we're going there. Would you rather:
    Clive Brunskill / / Getty

    Jay smelt it

    1. Smell Beyoncé’s REALLY bad fart
    2. Sleep with Beyoncé’s toenails under your pillow
    3. It’s over. I quit this quiz and all things related to it bc this is too much.

If you want to hear the incredible Janet Mock taking this quiz, listen to the Another Round podcast!

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