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Anthony Weiner Said In April "Basics Of The Story Are Not Going To Change"

According to The Dirty, he last contacted the woman on the other half of his newest scandal earlier that month.

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Embattled former Congressman and mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner said in an April 24 interview that the "basics" of his sexting story weren't going to change when asked if his scandal was over. Weiner was speaking with RNN-TV's Dominic Carter.

"I'm not going to participate in that anymore. If reporters want to go try to find more I can't be able to say that they're not going to be able to find another picture or find another woman, ya know, a person who may want to come out on their own," Weiner said. "The basics of the story are not going to change. It is behind me. It was a huge mistake."

Earlier that month, on April 14, Weiner told NY1 that he had sent messages to only six women. While Weiner did send Facebook, Twitter, email, and phone messages to six women over the three years before his 2011 resignation, correspondence with a new woman would have made the count seven, which Weiner did not acknowledge.

According to gossip website The Dirty, the new woman linked to the latest Weiner photos, identified by BuzzFeed as Sidney Leathers of Indiana, said she was last contacted by Weiner on April 11 of this year.

It had previously not been known that Weiner had contacted more women after his resignation.

In an April interview with NBC4, Weiner said that after he left office, he had "definitely not" initiated conversation with any of the six known women he had sent lewd pictures to. Weiner reportedly had only made contact with Leathers after his resignation, and not while he was still in office, according to The New York Times.

In May, Weiner told The Brian Lehrer Show when asked if there were "any other shoes to drop" in the scandal that "it is what it is." Weiner added that even though more women may come forward, he wouldn't engage in conversation about possible other pictures, saying it was in his past.

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