16 Cheat Sheets For Anyone Who Loves Drinking Wine

WTF = Wine time, finally.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. For executing wine pairings like a pro:

2. For choosing a bubbly with the perfect level of sweetness:


3. For picking the perfect rosé:

4. For when you’re both lazy and fancy AF:

From Babble.

5. For serving it at the perfect temperature:


6. For perfectly pairing your sparkling varieties:

7. For combining your favorite cookies with your favorite drink:

From Vivino.

8. For a boozy ice cream break:

From Babble.


9. For flawlessly opening a bottle of bubbly:

10. For pouring champagne like a true connoisseur:

11. For masterfully matching your wine with cheese:


12. For building a killer summertime sangria:

13. For helping you fake it:

14. For pairing the two holiest things in life:


15. For lovers of wine AND dessert:

16. For professional patio drinking:

From VinePair.

Now go get your wine on like a pro!

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