“The Daily Show” Perfectly Captures The Media’s Terrible Flight 370 Coverage

Jon Stewart poked fun at cable news coverage of Flight 370 on Monday night’s show.

1. On The Daily Show Monday, Jon Stewart drew attention to CNN’s non-stop coverage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

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Watch it on The Daily Show’s website here.

2. Stewart joked as he played clips of CNN segments, in which news anchors showed “little fake airplanes, big fake airplanes, no airplane detail left unspoken.”

CNN / Via Comedy Central


CNN / Via Comedy Central

4. In one clip, Stewart shows CNN hosts discussing the possibility that the plane was swallowed by a black hole or the Bermuda Triangle. One person even asked if the story of Malaysia Flight 370 could be “like the movie Lost.”

CNN / Via Comedy Central

5. Luckily somebody shot that theory down pretty quickly…

6. One anchor even suggested that investigators use a credible psychic who specializes in missing persons. “It sounds incredible, but it has been used before,” said CNN.

The Daily Show / Via Comedy Central

“Yeah, while we’re at it why not use that Octopus that always predicts the World Cup victor?” Stewart asked.

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