Freezing Weather Hitting The South And Midwest This Week

Thousands of Southerners have been warned to expect an icy mess in the upcoming days ahead, the Associated Press reports.

1. The polar vortex is making a comeback.

Tami Chappell / Reuters

2. Thousands of people across the South stocked up on fuel and groceries Monday night as schools closed and road crews prepared for subzero weather, a novelty in a region more accustomed to shorts and sunscreen.

Minneapolis / Via Eric Miller / Reuters

In the Carolinas, many school districts are operating on half-day schedules today, so kids can get home before the worst of the storm moves into the area. North Carolina’s Outer Banks area is expecting 8 inches of snow.

3. Public officials from Texas to southeastern Virginia asked drivers to stay off the roads.

Minnesota / Via Eric Miller / Reuters

Plummeting temperatures and heavy winds in the Midwest resulted in schools and offices closing for a second day in a row. In Minnesota, wind chills could reach 35 to 50 degrees below zero, according to forecasters.

4. In South Carolina, people are preparing for several inches of snow; the state department of transportation sent crews out Tuesday to treat roads with sand and brine to mitigate any trouble caused by icy conditions.

Alabama / Via Lyle Ratliff / Reuters

5. In Livingston Parish in southeast Louisiana, authorities put a curfew into effect from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning because of freezing rain.

Southern Minnesota / Via Eric Miller / Reuters

Sheriff Jason Ard asked for people not to drive, noting that only essential personnel and first responders should be on the road.

6. Delta Air Lines has canceled 1,850 flights due to the cold.

Eric Miller / Reuters

7. The winter storm system is expected to move out of most parts of the South and Midwest later this week. The same areas of Louisiana that were hit with freezing rain and 30-degree temperatures are expected to reach 74 degrees on Saturday.

Minneapolis /Eric Miller / Reuters

8. Update 7:49 pm: The snow is causing traffic problems in Alabama. Here, people along I-280 are leaving their stranded cars for shelter.

People everywhere stranded on 280 walking to shelters. One of the craziest things I've ever seen. @spann

— Stephen Nix (@Stephen_Nix)

9. Here’s another photo of I-280.

10. Cars have been abandoned on roads throughout the state.

. @Ginger_Zee Bro in Birmingham, AL rpts bad roads. Parked car @Target &walked 3miles home. Abandoned cars en route.

— wendy (@wowindc)

11. The snow is causing problems for schools as well.

800 kids are still stuck in schools in Birmingham, AL, CNN confirms. #weather #wx

— sgallman (@sgallman)

12. And icicles are forming along the gulf coast.

Not a sight you see along the Gulf Coast too often RT @leeleellew

— NWS Mobile (@NWSMobile)

13. Conditions are also poor on I-75 in Georgia.

Tami Chappell / Reuters

14. This student at Kennesaw College in Georgia had to leave his car stranded and walk home.

Tami Chappell / Reuters

15. This is what driving in Atlanta, GA is like right now.

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