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How Nikola Tesla Are You?

What are your thoughts on pigeons?

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Alex Kasprak for BuzzFeed

Nikola Tesla was a famed and eccentric inventor, philosopher, and futurist. He had nearly 300 patents to his name. He made significant contributions to the study of electricity and radio transmission.

He was also a badass and a weirdo. So how Nikola Tesla you are?

  1. Check all that apply to you:

    You like staying in fancy hotels.
    Your ideas are better than your employer's.
    You have lots of unfinished projects.
    You fear receiving your electric bill each month.
    You are a hoot at parties.
    You have been described as crazy.
    You think that remote-controlled toys are THE BEST.
    You can’t quite hack business.
    You are a fan of sharp, witty writing.
    You think that women should not be marginalized.
    You speak multiple languages.
    You have impeccable style.
    You don’t need a lot of sleep to function.
    You get things right on your first try.
    You have a rigid daily routine.
    You believe in new technology, even if it comes with some risk.
    You aren't afraid of x-rays.
    You get mad at people who are not as stylish as you.
    You think pigeons are the freakin’ best.
    You think Thomas Edison was a dick.
    You've got boatloads of irrational fears.
    You aren't super into sex.
    You believe that man has the ability to destroy Earth.
    You have had to destroy something you made to prevent it from destroying the building in which it was made.
    You are pretty sure you have received messages from Mars.
    You frequently think about death rays.
    You have been investigated by the FBI.
    You think that electricity has the potential to boost intgelligence.
    Without scrolling back, you remember the exact text of the first question on this quiz.

How Nikola Tesla Are You?

You are so not Nikola Tesla! You are his arch rival, the famed Thomas Edison! You are extremely hard working, brilliant, and you’ve got some pretty solid business chops as well. Sure Tesla wasn’t super fond of you, but he was weird! And look who ended up the richer and more famous of the two!

Alex Kasprak for BuzzFeed
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You are pretty damn Nikola Tesla. You are smart, you are creative, and more than a few people have probably asked “What’s the deal with that person?” behind your back. But you embrace your eccentricities, because they have gotten you far in life and you are pretty sure they will continue to do so.

Alex Kasprak for BuzzFeed
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You are full-freaking-Tesla. Either you are actually Nikola Tesla raised from the dead, or you’ve got some serious explaining to do. You are most likely not plotting an outlandish scheme to the break and/or fix the world, but it’s real hard for us to tell for sure.

Alex Kasprak for BuzzFeed
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