A Musician’s Haunting Blog About His Battle With Depression Appeared Days After He Was Found Dead

Brett Robertshaw’s mother has described her anguish after he timed a blog to go online days after he took his own life.

1. Brett Robertshaw, a talented musician from South Shore, Lancashire, was found dead in his bedroom by his aunt on 5 July.

Ross Parry / SWNS

Ross Parry / SWNS


2. It appears he timed a blogpost on his website detailing his battle with depression to go online after his passing.

Ross Parry / SWNS

It appeared seven days after his body was found.

In the blog he writes: “I’ve felt nothing towards family members, friends, or otherwise acquainted people, as much as I’ve felt that I should, like any normal functioning being. No matter how many good things happened to me or the people surrounding me, I didn’t seem to feel any positive emotion at all.”

3. The blog goes on to describe his struggles with schizophrenia symptoms, the impact of bullying, and his struggles with alcohol.

Ross Parry / SWNS

4. His mother, Cheryl (right), hopes his case will encourage other troubled people to seek help.

Ross Parry / SWNS

She told the Daily Mail: “We thought if we could raise some awareness about mental health problems, that there is help out there, but people need to be made aware of it.

“Phone numbers and things are not given to people and if it can raise awareness for one other family, can help somebody and their family and stop them going down the route that Brett did – just anything to help. It can stop a family going through what we are going through at the moment.”

She went on to say: “Open up and talk to anyone – there is help out there. There are organisations out there – so many organisations. If you are feeling that way there is extra help. We want to get the message out there For friends, for family, there is help out there.”

5. Earlier today, the news of Robin Williams’ passing prompted some ignorant comments about the nature of mental illness to appear online.

6. The Samaritans provides non-judgmental, confidential emotional support for those who need it. Call the organisation on 08457 90 90 90 or visit this website.

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