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This White House Protestor Knitted A Giant Chart Of The US Budget

It's displayed on an umbrella. She also knitted an "Occupy Grandparents" chair cozy.

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A protestor sat outside the White House on Monday with a hand-knitted chart of the federal budget.

Twitter: @jbendery

Stretched across an umbrella about as big as she was, the chart pointed out the disparities between government spending on defense versus everything else.

She also rocked a knitted chair cozy reading "Occupy Grandparents: Pay It Forward."

Twitter: @jbendery

And a hat reading "Stop XL," which is most likely a reference to opposition for the Keystone XL pipeline. Like any yarn-bomber worth their salt, the protestor made sure to cover every surface at her disposal with knitting.

H/T Jennifer Bendery.

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