32 Incredibly Cool Yarn-Bombings To Brighten Your Day

This is the coziest graffiti imaginable.

1. Payphone-Turned-iPhone

Lorna from Knits For Life upgraded this obsolete piece of technology in downtown San Mateo considerably.

ID: 934489

2. Filling In The Cracks

Juliana Santacruz Herrera brought life to the streets of Paris.

ID: 937359

3. Meter Monster

Hanasaurus Rex turned even the most terrible thing ever into something lovable.

ID: 937388

4. Snuggly Sled

Artist Olek created this Brooklyn installation.

ID: 937391

5. Breakfast Telephone Pole

By Disgrace Yarn Bomber in Brunswick, Australia.

ID: 937397

6. Dressed-Up Trees

By Twilight Taggers in Brunswick, Australia.

ID: 937398

7. Patchwork Bench

The Fredericksburg, VA Area Museum and Cultural Center sponsored a yarn-bombing this past fall.

ID: 937400

8. Unrideable But Still Totally Perfect Bike

In Fitzroy, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, where yarn-bombing has taken over.

ID: 937414

9. Keeping Statues Decent

It’s totally a thing. By Garnapa.

ID: 937416

In Denmark.

ID: 940426

Ishknits gave Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo a makeover.

ID: 940570

Queen Victoria got one too, from community members in Adelaide, Australia. Basically the US needs to up its game on the yarn-bombing front so we can even come close to matching Australia.

ID: 940462

This project in Santa Rosa, CA was overseen by a neighbor named Judy Kennedy, who said that it was “too darn cold” even for the stone statues.

ID: 940448

16. Jazzed-Up Phone Booth

This is one of the great classics of the genre. By Deadly Knitshade as part of Knit The City in London.

ID: 937419

17. Blinged-Out Bus

Yes, yarn = bling. By Madga Sayeg, considered by many to be the “mother of yarn-bombing, in Mexico City.

ID: 940407

18. Snakes On A Pole

By the Liverpool Happy Hookers.

ID: 940428

19. Fleet Of Covered Cars

By a Russian yarn-bombing group named, aptly,

ID: 940436

20. Crazy-Quilt Tree

ID: 940458

21. Wooly Town Center

Jo Collier William Wools oversaw the community yarn-bombing of Kirkland Kendal in the UK.

ID: 940464

22. Squid Taxi

Like you do. By Deadly Knitshade in London

ID: 940470

23. Stop Sign Flower

Over 100 signs were bombed in San Diego before the city asked that the project stop. However, over a year later some of the flowers were still up and intact. Here’s the crochet pattern if you want to beautify your own neighborhood.

ID: 940472

24. A Phone Pole Becomes A New Friend

Albeit a kind of creepy one. By Guerrilla Crochet Castedu in Cagliari, Italy.

ID: 940560

25. Be-sweatered Guitar

By Maggie, part of Guerilla Crochet Casteddu.

ID: 940483

26. Fountains of Yarn

From Bryant Park’s Campaign for Wool Festival.

ID: 940585

27. A Necessary Reminder

ID: 940605

28. Balloons On A Building

In Dubai.

ID: 940617

29. “Izzy Loves Seth” Pole

Something tells me that Seth feels the same way. In Maryland.

ID: 940629

30. “Ciao Bella” Tree

Garnapa bombed a tree outside her youngest son’s school in the hopes that it would help the kids “learn Italian and feel appreciated.”

ID: 940729

31. Lace And Barbed Wire

ID: 941963

Crystal Gregory juxtaposed doilies with barbed wire all across New York as part of her Art In Odd Places exhibition.

ID: 941960

32. Yarn-Bomb-Cat-Bomb

Indisputably the best kind. By Donna Kelly.

ID: 940474

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