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The Blackest Thing You'll Ever Hear

Where else can you get Zane, Howard homecoming, and a fantasy spades draft in one place?

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We hung out in the stude with our friends Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings from the Gimlet podcast The Nod!

🔥 New episode 🔥 @thenodshow's @bmluse & @eeddings talk Howard homecoming, casseroles, & Zane:…


Brittany and Eric gave us tips on how to have the best time at Howard homecoming, even if you didn't go to school there.

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"...Especially if you didn't go to Howard, I think you'll have a good time. The thing is, try to find the house parties, the club parties will rob you blind. It's just nice to be around a ton of black folks. Everybody's not there for something sad, it's not a candlelight vigil. It's just fun." – Eric Eddings

Listen to the episode here.

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