Thanks To KFC, You Can Now Buy A Corsage Made Of Chicken

Spice up your prom experience! Or, original recipe your prom experience.

1. Have you ever said to yourself, “Self, I wish there were more things in the world needlessly made out of chicken?”

Of course you have.

ID: 2767288

2. Well you’re in luck, because KFC just introduced the chicken corsage to the world for all your formal event needs.

Yum! Brands, Inc. / Via
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3. With your order, you’re given a $5 KFC gift certificate so that you can buy your own chicken and affix it to the corsage yourself.

Nanz & Kraft Florists / Via

Kind of takes some of the glamour away, if you ask me.

ID: 2767344

4. Careful, though! It could backfire.

Yum! Brands, Inc. / Via
ID: 2767413

5. Final verdict:

But wake me up when they make entire dates made of chicken.

ID: 2767313

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