#MamaSpike Is The Hilarious New Meme You Need In Your Life

“You got McDonald’s money?” posted on

1. These pictures of Spike Lee at last night’s Knicks game started circulating last night.


Someone quickly noted that with the outfit and the “I’m about fed up with you” hands-on-hip stance, Spike looked like someone’s old, testy mother.

And thus, the #MamaSpike hashtag was born.

"That's funny, cause the school called here @ 9:30 & said u was absent. Now i'ma ask u ONE MORE TIME..." #mamaspike

Don't be runnin' in and outta my house. Stay in or stay out. Lettin' out all my air conditionin'.... #MamaSpike

"Take her back there and show her that that cereal was marked down to $1.89!" #mamaspike

I can’t even get in this house good without y𠆚ll asking for something! #mamaspike

And perhaps the best of all:

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